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    Christi Sa

    I have been working with Nina Britton for almost 14 years. She has since the beginning excited and surprised me with her fresh, modern and unique designs. Furthermore Nina gives my ideas and assignments professional input and clear directions; always involved in the project and always showing her enthusiasm. I highly recommend her to all my friends and business contacts.

    Carina Ferreira
    My Labour of love

    After calling do many website designers, I felt seriously depressed as I am fairly (to put it mildly) computer illiterate and they would bamboozle me all these foreign terms. More depressing was the cost of stuff they said I had to do to make/design my website. I was stuck, as having lost my Floral Art Design Business as a result of lockdown, money is tight. So I ended up feeling seriously down and out. My niece told me about a friend (Nina Britton Design) of hers that is a Graphic Designer, she also does photography and she designs websites. I thought about it for a while and absolutely loved the idea of how wonderfully skilled and talented this person is. I called her and from all the talking by the end of the conversation Nina came up with the direction and concept as well as the name for my new site. I was absolutely astonished. I cannot thank Nina enough for the most quickest, most amazing service and website designed. Nina took every aspect and situation in to account. She helped me set up a Facebook as well as Instagram, designed my business card, email signature, all within no time and most importantly, all within my budget. Thank you from my heart Nina. I was at a point where I decided that service like this does not exist anymore. I hope, pray and wish that anyone looking for any of the services above will find you, to experience the difference that you make. You are simply amazing!

    Laura Nicholson
    Sharefold ministries

    Nina is brilliant at what she does and is very creative, efficient and sensitive to what your needs are, as a client. I would highly recommend her for any design needs you may have.